Business Model

Are you establishing your organisation? We can help you lay a strong foundation by creating a sustainable business model.

Business Model

When setting the foundations for an organisation or for its growth, several crucial questions arise. As the growth of your organisation accelerates, answering these questions becomes increasingly critical. Our experience has shown that fundamental considerations include: 'What value do we add for customers and / or suppliers?', 'What characterises our target group(s)?' and 'In which areas are we most competitive?' or 'What does our cost structure look like?'

A business model provides the answers to those most fundamental questions, thereby providing a vital overview of the organisation. This makes constructing a business model the first step for a new enterprise. Likewise, for a well-established organisation, a business model affords clarity of direction and enables necessary adjustments to be made long before any issues can arise.

When writing a business model, we consider four key focus areas:

  1. Customers: Which segments are the products/services delivered to? How is this segmentation defined?

  2. Offer: What is your unique offering? Why do customers choose you?

  3. Infrastructure: What are the core activities of your company? How are they best supported, by which people and with which partners?

  4. Financial Viability: What are the income and expenses of your organisation? Are these characterised by large variable costs? How do your revenue and costs interrelate and how are they distributed over time?

We will determine which elements are most critical to your organisation’s success and focus ouranalysis in these areas. We believe that the necessary knowledge already exists; it’s our job todiscover and leverage this information!

Our final deliverable to you will provide insights into how to create a finely-structured businessmodel. This will provide a direction for your organisation’s future, helping you to make informed decisions to achieve the greatest results.

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