Growth Strategy

Is your organisation ready for its next step? We help you to make the optimal choices and to formulate a growth strategy.

A growth strategy

Developing a growth strategy provide essential traction to your organisation, no matter what stage of development you currently inhabit. With several options in front of you, it is crucial to distinguish the most pressing issues from those that are less relevant. Identifying which issues to tackle and which course of action is in line with your short and long-term goals then becomes possible. A strong growth strategy accounts for, among other things:

  • Trends and developments in existing markets and potential new markets. Attention to the market size is essential, is it growing, stable or decreasing? Who are the (potential) customers and how are they responding to you and your competitors? Tackling these questions provides the insight into your current market position.

  • The development of your brand and promotion strategies based on customer research, in order to appeal to more or different customers.

  • The value proposition that you offer your customers in order to remain the most attractive option for your customers.

  • Technical aspects of your organisation, such as finance, legal structure and infrastructure. These serve as the foundation on which growth will be made.

Some of these considerations are more relevant to your organisation than others. Together, we will assess where you want the organisation to be in the future: your growth objective. Subsequently, we will determine the most relevant areas upon which to advice in order to achieve this objective.

At the end of the project, we will present you with a cohesive, concrete growth strategy for your organisation!

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