Market Analysis

Are you considering the potential of new markets? We conduct in-depth analysis to uncover the most attractive markets for your expansion.

Market Analysis

Entering a new market brings as many opportunities as uncertainties to your business. A clear and thorough analysis enables you to penetrate potential markets with a precise strategy to maximise the available rewards. Alternatively, this analysis may inform your decision to refrain from a market altogether. In a market analysis, the following topics can be discussed:

  • Market size and development: what is the financial activity within the market? Is this market growing, stable or shrinking? What are the drivers behind these phenomena?

  • Competition: who are the key players in the market and how big is their market share? What are the best practices within these markets? Can your organisation adopt these practices and if so, how?

  • Customers: who are the (potential) customers in this market, and what are they demanding? How can you offer your products and services in the most effective manner?

  • Entry thresholds: what must be achieved before entering the market (e.g. investments, licensing)? Are there potential barriers to market entry?

  • Political environment: how is the political landscape affecting market movement?

Some of these considerations are more relevant to your company and sector than others. Just like some countries are more interesting than others. The most important thing is that we work in collaboration with you to assess the opportunities. Only then does the advice become impactful.

At the end of the project, we will provide you with a clear view of the markets, lucrative and otherwise, advising you on how to penetrate the most attractive markets.

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